Self-DrivenMotivated. Limitless.  These are the key elements of Devale Edward Ellis. Born and raised in the notorious borough of Brooklyn, NY to a working middle class family, he learned that hard work was the key to success.  His climb from an accelerated and exceptional High School athlete to a NFL Wide Receiver now only seems to be the beginning of his story.  From there he transitioned into Broadcast Journalism, Entrepreneurship and Acting.  With Devale Edward Ellis, there are no ceilings.

Devale showed early signs of leadership when he was chosen as Captain of his JV Basketball Team at James Madison High School.  As a freshman Devale stood at 5’8, 120lbs, which made many, question his ability due to his small stature.  He worked twice as hard to prove everyone wrong and was soon the lead scorer of the team.  His speed and tenacity set him apart and made his name spread through NYC which caught the attention of the Coaches of the Varsity Football team.  Soon he would make the crossover from JV Basketball to Varsity Football and become the most prolific Wide Receiver in James Madison’s History.  In his first season playing organized Football, Devale led the team with 24 Receptions, 831 Yards and 14 Touchdowns.  He was one of the most electrifying players to watch in the PSAL.

With the spotlight came a host of College Recruiters offering Devale a spot on their College teams.  Devale carefully skipped over Division 1-AA and Division 2 schools and walked on to one of New York’s most recognized football programs at Hofstra UniversityHofstra was known for producing numerous NFL players, especially at the Wide Receiver position.  Although athletics seemed like the obvious reason to go, Devale was more interested with the schools fully accredited Speech Communications and Performance program.  Devale had early admirations of watching himself on television and saw an opportunity to take advantage of the academic programs while going to Hofstra on full athletic scholarship.

Devale did what seemed impossible twice when he completed 176 receptions for 2,207 yard and 22 Touchdowns during his Football career at Hofstra University.  After all of these accolades, Devale ended up in another situation of doubt.  Although he grew to 5’10 and 165 lbs, he was still smaller than a lot of NFL players, which kept the scouts away.    After graduating with a degree in Speech Communications, Rethorical Studies and Performance, he was invited to be a Free Agent tryout player for the Detroit Lions.  His drive and focus caused him to bulk up to 174lbs.  He would go on to be signed by the Detroit Lions and make his first NFL reception, opening day against his hometown NY Jets.

Devale was more than an athlete.  His magnetic personality touched the hearts of fans from the field to charity events.   Coaches ranted and raved about his relentless work ethic but also couldn’t help but notice that every time the camera was in the locker room it ended up on him.  He was a regular on the Roy Williams’ weekly pre-game show and showed off his personality with dance moves.   His dance moves and charismatic personality gave him the opportunity to host his own segment called “Do you have a TD Dance?”

After 3 Years in the NFL, Devale focused on his other love.  He landed an opportunity to be a Broadcaster on MSG Varsity.  He quickly became a permanent fixture to the station with his own segment on the football wrap up show.  Devale then began to freelance and put a together an impressive resume.  He was able to book the role of Caesar Lee in Pat Holly’s concert series Me and Caesar Lee, 4 National commercial spots (KFC, AT&T,BMW & Time Warner) and his first supporting role as Tommy in the indie feature film Full CircleDevale is currently looking to expand his talents and capabilities as an Actor, Trainer, Philanthropist,  Brand Ambassador the same way he worked to compete amongst football’s elite in the NFL.  Devale’s story has just begun…


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