Life With Devale

Dee & Bo Tackle The Off Season

Revolt TV Audition

Devale the “Renaissance Man”

Devale races his protege NY Jet KJ Stroud

Devale and Slick head to Miami as Full Circle premieres at the ABFF

Mornings with Hurricane Jax

What better way to celebrate than BBQs

Jax and the Chopstick Saga: He can play his mom like a fiddle

Devale Performs MJ at Devon & Denise’s wedding

Chris is only 7 and ready for the stage

Devale Behind the Scenes at the Higher Art music video

Devale BTS at Higher Art Part 2

Devale BTS at Higher Art Part 3

Devale runs into the infamous East Side Crack Head

No one takes a garder off quite like  Devale

Jax escapes baby jail

Yeah I beat Bo across the finish line at The March of Dimes Walk-a-thon

KJ gets the call that he will be playing for the NY Jets

Red pants and Billie Jean turns Devale into Michael Jackson

Halftime at the Knicks game with Bo

DO NOT battle dance with Devale in the club “Did he just do a backflip?!?!”

Bo is “Whipped” and Devale has the proof

Devale defeats the Aboninable Snore Man (Brian)

White men can’t jump. Apparently they can’t dance for $h#t either

Bo shows us his new dance “The Choir Boy”

Bo is trying to sleep at 6AM on vacation but Devale is determined to wake him up

Kai got his permit and Devale got a new driver

Devale travels like Diddy

“Darius Gathers” breaks down Obama’s victory CNN style

“Dexter Gathers” Election Report Live From Brooklyn (Little Jamaica)

“Devale Gathers” Hurricane Sandy Update: Crazy Black man outside

“Devale Gathers” Where is Hurricane Sandy?