Elite Prototype Athletics Inc.


Elite Prototype Athletics has become NYC’s top training program for football athletes. Since it’s conception in 2010 Devale & Brian Ellis have mentored over 200 athletes. These athletes have gone on to play a high level of high school football, earning D1, D2 and D3 college  scholarships and some have been blessed enough to play in the NFL.

Objective: To give NYC football athletes the opportunity to receive football training at a collegiate and professional level year round.

Purpose: The Elite Prototype Football Academy will increase football acumen and offer athletes an opportunity to build football IQ.

Why: NYC stands behind the 8 ball when it comes to recruiting for many reasons. Around the country, regions with mild climates in the off-season dominate the football world because of the ability to train 12 months a year. States like Texas, Florida, and California run programs that promote growing as a “Football Athlete” from January through the beginning of the season. They begin pre-season camp 3 weeks prior to NYC and their season lasts 4 weeks past our regular season ends. The general idea behind recruiting a NYC Football Athlete is that we play less football; learn less football, but some are athletic enough to be taught to compete. This idea prevents many of our kids from being recruited.

How: Our program was designed and is led by former Collegiate and NFL standouts. The only way to build football IQ is to teach proper technique and continuously rep those techniques to build muscle memory. Football is a game of detail but also very reactionary. Athletes that know the game need to continuously rep technique during the off-season. We have created a proven program that prepares our athletes to stand out at all competitive combine events and during the season.